Here we are.

The all-important ‘About’ screen. I enjoy everything about making websites.
I got myself a degree, then started working in the real world… which is, as we all know, where experience is born. I contracted for about 2 years in and around various Minneapolis shops in 2012, did some freelance stuff on the side, and eventually found a home.

The contracting thing was cool for a while. My interviewing skills got better… walking into a new room every other week will beef them up. But the real bonus: I was able to work with a lot of very creative people in a very short period of time.

My strong suits are HTML, SASS/CSS and jQuery. I understand that the full-stack dev kids are all working on frameworks, run-time environments and build tools, such as Vue, React, Ember, Angular, Meteor, and of course Node.js…. and I get it. They are all beautiful tools built to make everyone’s lives more efficient. That said, there’s always HTML, SASS/CSS and jQuery.

You won’t find me on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or the like because… well, just because.

Oh yea… my name is Jer.